Can Senior Citizens Who Have Diabetes Qualify for Life Insurance?

PrintDiabetes, just like arthritis or asthma, is a common chronic disease, found in many millions of people worldwide.  It is a very complex disease that produces metabolic changes.

Typically, it is not a very severe disease, but untreated, can lead to further life-threatening complications.  This is why insurance companies are a bit reluctant in providing coverage for a diabetic. However, you should not be worried, even senior citizens who have diabetes can qualify for life insurance.  Wait no longer and search for adequate senior citizen life insurance policies and do not forget to obtain quotes.

Adults are affected by a considerable large number of diseases and disorders. Amongst them we can include Type 2 diabetes. Although is easier treatable than type 1 and it can be easier kept under control, sufferers can still have troubles finding adequate policies.  It is not impossible to get life insurance; in fact there are many companies capable of providing adequate policies.

The underwriting process will be a bit more complex because the companies will want details about your disease and how you treat it. They will ask for medical records and explain if you follow a treatment plan. Also, you will be asked if any complication was developed during the treatment or if you suffer of any other disease/disorder, related or not with diabetes.  After all details have been assessed, any insurance company will draw a risk profile and will calculate the premiums accordingly.

Diabetics can get standard policies, but premiums will be a bit above the average, in order to compensate for the disease.  But, if the underwriting process is too though and you do not want to be so stressed, there is an alternative. You can successfully apply for no exam life insurance, even if you are a diabetic.

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