Can Smokers Get Life Insurance For Seniors?

Smoking is not a necessity, but a habit that many people find it pleasant and quite relaxing.  Although there are campaigns illustrating the negative aspects and long term effects of smoking, people keep smoking. It is their choice and we do not have the right to judge them. But they should be aware that smoking has also severe consequences on your own budget.

old people smokingIf you smoke, you will spend a part of the money on cigars and other nicotine or tobacco based products. Also, smoking lowers the chances of getting senior life insurance.  Fortunately smokers can get life insurance for seniors, but they find it hard and there are many limitations.

Mortality rate amongst smokers is really high and every year smoking related diseases are ending the life of millions. Lung cancer is the most common disease related to smoking. So, if you are a senior and you smoke, companies will be interested on your medical history and recent exams. Almost all questionnaires inquire about your use of nicotine or tobacco in the past year.

If the answer is yes then you will be considered a smoker and you will be placed in another risk category. Smoking, drinking, age, health status and your BMI (Body Mass Index) are criterions of selection.  If you do not match the requirements, there are two options: you will be rejected or the company will give you insurance, but with more expensive premiums.  A smoker has to pay even twice the value of premiums. This is the price you pay for smoking.

Finding affordable policies is something that everybody wants. In the past this thing was almost impossible and you had to know on many company doors before finding a reasonable policy. Luckily the times have changed and modern technology brings insurance companies closer to their potential clients.

Nowadays a simple click can display numerous offers and you will have plenty of options. All you need is to find the right website that offers suitable quotes for smokers.

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