Factors causing fatigue and efficient treatment against it!

Fatigue or exhaustion is a common symptom that occurs in many people all around the world and has many causes. This may be an effect of an illness, stress or lack of sleep. One of the most common causes of fatigue is anemia that occurs after the decrease of the ability to carry oxygen to cells. This is often installed as a result of a chronic disease but can be also induced by malnutrition. Tea, coffee and Coca-Cola contains caffeine that produces a short-term amelioration of fatigue but excessive consumption can make you even more tired than before.

fatigue-treatment-01The most common form of anemia that affects women is caused by the lack of iron in body induced by a poor diet, blood loss or illness. The main source of iron in the diet is meat especially liver; among other sources for lacto vegetarians and vegetarians include beans, peas, vegetables, nuts, peanuts, wheat germ and sunflower seeds. However, some people with anemia especially women, often need iron supplements not only from food sources.

A diet rich in refined carbohydrates and low in calories, iron or zinc, may in turn cause fatigue. Refined sugars and rapidly digestible starch that is present in sweets, biscuits, cakes and pastries will quickly raise your energy levels, as they reach the bloodstream and quickly make their effect. In prone people, the level of sugar in blood, i.e. glycemia, drops dramatically about half an hour later, fact which causes the sensation of fatigue. Long intervals between meals can also lower the level of sugar in blood, therefore, try to eat regular healthy snacks such as fresh fruits or a packages of peanuts or raisins. You can keep your level of sugar in blood at a constant level by reducing your consumption of refined sugar and taking your habit to eat little and often, that is, 4-6 small meals per day. Complex carbohydrates such as pasta, boiled or baked legumes and oat-based products provide energy in a slower and more constant rhythm.

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