Four Must-See Movies for Seniors

As a senior, you have to make sure you won’t forget to enjoy the simple things in life, such as a tranquil walk in the park, a good supper with your loved ones, reading a good novel or watching a great movie. Movies in particular are a great way to disconnect from your daily routine and enter a completely different space, a different dimension: that of the director, of course. If you are, however, tired of the eternal chick flicks or dramas surrounding the youth, here are four movies which handle senior lives, feelings and problems. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon.

  1. As good as it gets. This movie stars Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt, and it’s about how you can bond with someone even in the most extreme of circumstances. Nicholson, portraying a slightly disturbed (OCD) novelist has a very awkward relationship with Carol, his waitress. After you watch it, you’ll probably just want to listen to some jazz and drink a hot cup of chocolate, because it’s all as good as it gets.
  2. Whatever Works. If you’re familiar with the charm of Woody Allen, you’ll love this movie. Boris is a slightly sociopathic intellectual who is disgusted by almost everyone surrounding him. Doesn’t sound too promising, eh? Well, Boris is played by none other than Larry David. The dark humor and the meaningful dialogues will definitely give you a well deserved push towards accepting your life and understanding that, well, whatever works!
  3. Something’s gotta give is a romantic comedy starring Diane Keaton and, once again, Jack Nicholson. A novelist and a renowned bachelor end up living together and bonding despite their prejudices and expectations. It’s a great movie which shows that love has no age and no boundaries. A must-watch.
  4.  Everybody’s fine. If you’re in the mood for a bittersweet picture about a senior widower who tries to reunite with his family, this is the movie for you. Its cast is absolutely fabulous (starring Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale and others) and it manages to create a unique feeling and atmosphere.

Some movies are more sensible than others, and you have to watch as many as you can in order to figure out what suits you best. Also, think about your loved ones at all times. Ever thought about buying affordable senior life insurance? Visit other sections of our blog and get senior term life insurance rates.