How Blood Pressure Can Affect Your Life Insurance

Finding affordable life insurance for seniors is not easy, in fact is quite difficult and countless seniors end up without any form of financial protections. There are many reasons why an insurance company will reject you but mainly age and health are the first. You will be thoroughly analyzed before the company decides to issue a policy.

Senior-man-with-male-MDEvery single detail can lower the premiums or get them more expensive. Something like blood pressure is relevant for companies and this article can tell you how blood pressure can affect your life insurance.

Insurance agencies do not encourage seniors with medical problems to be their clients. Quite the opposite, they prefer healthy young or mid-aged persons. In order to make sure that the potential client is mentally and physically health, they ask for medical exams.

These will show if you have any traces of nicotine, sugar blood levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Blood pressure is relevant and it can really influence the premium value. Having high blood pressure is a sign for cardiovascular diseases and it is a clear sign for an approaching heart attack. If results show high blood pressure, the company will ask to undergo another series of tests, more meticulously and focused on cardiovascular problems.

Maybe it is better that you have found that problem. It will give you a chance to prevent future complications.  You can start a treatment and take some pills, in order to reduce blood pressure.  When your blood pressure reaches normal levels, you can always start the negotiations.

There is always the option of taking life insurance even with this medical problem. The major drawback is the policy price; you will have to pay more for premiums. If you want to get a life insurance and start a treatment, we recommend term life insurance with short term availability.  After the contract expires, you can undergo another series of medical exams and if everything goes well, you can renegotiate the contract, this time for better premiums.

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