Life Insurance For Seniors Who Have Pre-Existing Medical Conditions!

Life insurance can be an important investment for seniors. It helps them cover funeral taxes and provide financial stability for their family members. Since the price of funerals is continually rising, many seniors turn to life insurance plans. But can they get a life insurance senior policy if they have a pre-existing medical condition?

cancer patientsIt is difficult to give a single answer as there are different medical diseases which agencies view differently. From the start we’ll say that people who are currently suffering from cancer, have AIDS or have been declared terminally ill (have less than 12 months to live) will not be able to get any form of life coverage.

Agencies will calculate a risk for each individual they insure. Since their aim is to make a profit, they will try to insure people who are in no risk of dying from a disease or accidents in the next few years. OF course, unpredictable things can happen, but statistics are also an important tool for determining the lifespan of an applicant. People who suffer of a medical disease will need to qualify in one of the risk categories; otherwise, they will not be able to get insured.

For a typical life insurance plan, things can be difficult and complicate as more than 70 factors are used to determine life insurance premiums. This means that an applicant has to go through several medical examinations which take time and can be tiresome. However, some life insurance plans have a simplified underwriting process and seniors will only have to complete a questionnaire.

No medical exam life insurance plans offer good life coverage for seniors who want to pay their funeral costs. It can also help them cover outstanding debt or mortgage loans. The benefit paid by a life insurance plan is received by beneficiaries who can cover important expenses after the insured dies. Since a funeral can cost more than 10,000, life coverage is now more important than ever.

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