Pneumonia and lung cancer: how dangerous it is?

Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs caused by the bacteria, fungi or by a viral infection. It is common for lung cancer patients to suffer from pneumonia, because the immune system is weakened by the cancer, which means that infections can develop much easily.


Pneumonia and lung cancer also share some common risk factors and have similar causes. Although pneumonia is caused by a virus or bacteria, some people are more likely to suffer from it than others:

X-Ray LungsSmoking is a primary cause for the two diseases. Almost 85% of people who suffer from lung cancer were smokers. Smoking damages the lungs which become more susceptible to infections. It also affects the immune system, so infections are more likely to occur. Alcohol abuse also favors pneumonia.

Working conditions can also contribute to the development of the two diseases. Working in a chemically-toxic environment is very dangerous for your health and safety. Make sure you do not inhale chemical substances that can harm your lungs.

Seniors are more likely to suffer from pneumonia and it is the age category most affected by this diseases. The reason is that seniors have a weaker immune system which favors the apparition and spread of lung infections.

Pneumonia can also be caused by lung cancer. Medical examinations for pneumonia can also reveal that the patient is suffering from cancer. On the other hand a lung cancer diagnostic can be delayed if it is mistaken for pneumonia.

Cancer patients may develop pneumonia because of two main reasons: their immune system is weaker and because of radiations and chemotherapy which are used to treat the cancer. The radiations and substances harm a lot of lung cells.

Risks and symptoms:

Pneumonia and lung cancer are two serious diseases. If not treated they can cause complications that will lead to death. A person who is suffering from pneumonia will experience severe coughing and chest pains, have breathing problems, fevers, will become tired more easily and suffer from muscle pains.

Since both diseases affect the same area, most of these symptoms are common for lung cancer too. However lung cancer is much more dangerous and if untreated it causes death. It is important to be identified as early as possible; otherwise any treatment may be rendered useless.

Try to avoid smoking, alcohol consumption and a toxic environment in order to reduce the risk of having pneumonia and cancer. Periodical medical check-ups are also very important!

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