Positive Thinking: How It Can Help

People always find something to fear, whether it is a spider, a cockroach, nuclear war or a zombie apocalypse. However, probably the biggest, most substantial fear we, as individuals, live with is the fear of death. Freud said that human nature is based on two fundamental states: that of the Eros (love) and that of Destruction (death). Death is within us; we are born with death and are bound to live with it for the rest of our lives. How we do that is what matters. Positive thinking is probably one of the most efficient ways to overcome transitory difficulty, illness, life crises and other unfortunate events.

The 21st century brought about numerous articles, projects and movies which focus on positive, wishful thinking. Sadly, we are not bound to give attention to them until we actually encounter a situation which pushes us to our limits. Let’s focus on one situation in particular: sickness, disease.

If you or a loved one are/is diagnosed with a serious illness, the first reaction is to panic. If, God forbid, the illness is incurable, the situation reaches a whole new limit of despair and outrage – “Why is this happening to me?” and “What have I done to deserve this?” are questions surely to be encountered in such a situation. The difficulty can be, however, diminished (so to speak) by the means of positive thinking.

The placebo effect is known to have worked throughout history, and is therefore still popular. By taking it to a new level, a positive outlook and wishful thinking can, in a degree, help you or your loved one get better. Some say it can even cure terminal diseases. For example, in a small village in Romania, there’s a man who focuses on treating people with terminal cancer. His treatments include honey, a somewhat ascetic lifestyle, prayer and hope. Some people, who already entered the metastases stage of the cancer, were cured.

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