Rheumatism and its effects on elderly people!

Rheumatism is a disease that affects up to 85% of people who have reached 75. That’s why no one is surprised when such a diagnosis is given. Most think of bone pains associated with humidity or weather changes, as that is on what seniors sometimes blame their difficulties. Sadly, rheumatism has more to it than beats the eye. Not only do the symptoms of rheumatism intensify as one grows older, but it’s also almost impossible to cure. Luckily, some measures can be taken in order to keep the pain under control.

rheumatismpain-200x300Rheumatism affects the bones, joints and muscles of your body and is the root of a multitude of skeleton and muscle diseases. All these conditions reunite two standard rheumatic symptoms: pain and movement difficulty. At some point, you get used to the pain and you forget about how it was when you were flexible and energetic. This is called „giving in” to the disease, and it’s not an option. There are treatments and homemade remedies for the pain of rheumatism.

You can opt for physiotherapy, for instance. This treatment is remarkable in terms of calming pain and swelling. It’s essential if you started to be the subject of severe pain which conditions your movements. Physiotherapy is effective on the entire painful structure (bone, muscle and nervous tissue). It calms the muscles and stops swelling (if any).

Other alternatives include electrotherapy, hydrotherapy and massage. Also, you should take into consideration kinetotherapy if you want to get your flexibility and tone back. A massage a week can do wonders if you want your muscles to stop being sore and stiff. By combining these treatments you may be able to come back to your old lifestyle.

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