The “eternal” problem with alcohol and its effects on our health

Despite the warnings, there is no doubt that low doses of alcohol can help people live longer and to reduce the risk of heart disease. Those at risk for heart disease or stroke and diabetes appear to have the greatest benefits of moderate alcohol consumption throughout their entire life. It seems that alcohol consumed in small amounts can help:


  • The increase of HDL cholesterol level in the blood, i.e., the “good” cholesterol.
  •  Prevention of blood clots
  • Decreased risk of stroke, heart disease, type II diabetes.


Seniors Drinking ChampagneA research made in USA in men aged between 50 and 60 years, showed that those who consumed one glass of alcohol per day had a lower risk of death more than those who rarely or never drank. This can be attributed largely to the decrease the incidence of heart disease in this age group. Alcohol seems to have an easily blood thinning effect offering protection against heart attack and stroke. Generally speaking, we should not exaggerate with the alcohol consumption. The mortality rate increases significantly over three glasses per day.

If you are not a drinker, you have no reason to become one. No one can predict who has a high risk of alcoholism, although most people can drink alcohol without the risk of abuse. Of course, if you start to drink too much alcohol any potential benefits will be outweighed by the dangers inherent in alcohol-related diseases. Heavy drinking has been linked to cirrhosis and liver cancer, a number of cancers such as breast, mouth, throat and esophagus, as well as hypertension, cerebral bleeding, osteoporosis and depression.

Risks of cirrhosis may increase dramatically from two to three drinks per day and in some cases may increase and even for one or two a day. Also, alcohol can increase the risk of breast cancer especially in young women. The risk for young women to develop breast cancer increases by 6% for each additional drink consumed daily. As females are aging and heart diseases are becoming a bigger threat than breast cancer, effects of moderate alcohol consumption may be beneficial.

Cirrhosis is a tough degenerative disease that occurs when healthy cells in the liver are damaged, usually as a result of alcohol abuse or hepatitis. This might lead to liver failure and possibly death. Have you ever thought of purchasing a senior citizens life insurance in case something dreadful might happen? Otherwise, your family will be in a great financial bankruptcy! Please visit our website and get your free quotes for life insurance for seniors!