What to choose between whole life and term life insurance?

Seniors have become more aware about the importance of having a life insurance. The only problem is what type of insurance to choose. There are basically two types of insurance: term life insurance and permanent insurance (or whole life insurance). All the later variations are based on these two models. There are smart investments, but you must choose carefully.

Term life insurance protects you only for a limited amount of time. Typically the premiums are cheap, but not for seniors. Companies usually refuse to accept Close up of Life Insurance Policyseniors over 50 or 60 years old because they pose a higher risk of dying while they are still in coverage, thus obliging the company to pay the whole policy cost. This is why companies usually refuse seniors, or they provide coverage at huge prices and for a short amount of time.

A whole life insurance grants you more control over the cost of your policy and it has a more advantageous premiums payment system. You will be able to skip one or two premium payments and your coverage will not be cancelled. The condition is to talk with the insurer and tell it that you will pay soon the missing premiums. Another advantage is the possibility of purchasing investments with a part of your insurance money. So, if you are a smart market player, you will be able to earn extra money and if you agree with the insurer, the money you earn from investment will pay the premiums.

As we said before, a life insurance can be a smart investment, for smart people. That money will turn your insurance into a self-paying policy. In time, the policy cost can rise to several hundreds of thousands or even millions. This amount of money can help you pay for some urgent matters (a loan, debt, mortgage, education for your children) because a whole life is a life insurance senior policy that allows its owner to burrow money.  All the money you save will later become in possession of those you pick as beneficiaries. This is the ideal method for controlling your fortune and passes it to trustworthy hands.

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